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Lovely Liguria

The Lovely Liguria Coastline

While not as well known as some areas of Italy, namely Tuscany, the Liguria region of Italy is an absolute jewel.

The Liguria area is well known for the glorious five Cinque Terre seaside villages, and the luxurious and stunningly pretty Porto Fino.  What some visitors overlook is that most of the steep Liguria coastline is a wonderful sight, especially from the sea or if you go exploring on foot.

Walking in the Cinque Terre area offers visitors stunning panoramas, such as this:

The Lovely Liguria Coastline
The Lovely Liguria Coastline

Venture inland a little and tucked away, there are incredibly photogenic buildings such as the Soviore Sanctuary:

Soviore Sanctuary, Liguria
Soviore Sanctuary, Liguria

Hidden in the hills above Monte Rosso, the Soviore Sanctuary is also a kind of hotel.  It’s not expensive and its situation is idyllic.  I know, I’ve stayed there – see Knowing Italy, for more.

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It is not only the steep slopes of the Ligurian hills which run down into the sea which are appealing.  Head inland and you will find tranquil wooded valleys and lovely unspoilt villages – many of which are hidden from view in the woodland.

Go explore Liguria – you will not regret it – and take a camera.

Liguria will even appeal to Apple fans – as it hosts the biggest Apple Museum in the World – I bet you did not know that – unless you’ve already been reading Italy Chronicles for some time.


Both photographs by Alex Roe using a Canon EOS 4od.

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