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Lord of War – a film

It's been a long time since a film has genuinely frightened me, but I have to tell you, dear reader, that 'Lord of War' not only scared the wits out of me but left me wondering just why the whole human race deserves to exist: perhaps it's all little hard on the humanity to question its existence, but you can certainly question exactly why certain people are the way they are; and it got me thinking whether we really know what the word 'civilized' really means. Or maybe it's just me who does not understand the concept of 'civilized'.

By now you are probably wondering what this film is all about, unless, that is, you have already seen it. Well, for those who have not, its the story of an international arms dealer. A person who would sell you the means to exterminate a race, but someone who does not care whether you go ahead and do such a thing, so long as it does not affect him. The concept of morality does not even enter this creature's head, or rather, it does, but in some weird and warped way; or so it would seem to someone like me, who would be happy if we all just tried to get with each other. Anyway as I was writing, this person seems to be able to gloss over and justify the evil that he is propagating by simply saying 'everyone is at it'. By 'everyone' he is referring to, not only others similar to himself, but heads of state and other democratically represented individuals all over the world. This is what is frightening, because what he says is true. OK, you may say that people are sold/given weapons to defend themselves with, which may be true, but what it all boils down to is that guns kill. Sell someone a gun and, especially in war torn areas, people will get killed. Good guys, bad guys, kids and parents. Bullets and bombs are becoming intelligent, but, so far they are unable to stop themselves at the last moment because they have understood that they are about to take the wrong life, as if the taking of any life should be necessary.
I've gone on too much. You can see that this film got me to react. My other half cried herself to sleep, after having laid the blame firmly at the feet of us guys. Thing is though, she has a point. Many men cannot stop themselves from being violent, or so it would seem. We start young. My son is barely three and he is already demonstrating that he is capable of resorting to violence to get his own way. Add a few years, convince a few others to take part in order to get their own way and you have a war. And yet more sales for your local arms dealer.

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We are animals. When will we evolve?

PS This is a good film.
PPS We should show our kids this film.
PPPS Nick Cage is very good at what he does.

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