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Long Live Italian Food and Life in Italy!

Gorgeous Italian Chocolate Cake

We went to a birthday buffet in the mountains above Lake Maggiore on Sunday. Around fifty or so parents and children turned up to celebrate the birthday of Giuseppe who turned the grand old age of eight. Everybody brought something so there was lots of food, glorious food everywhere.

There was also wine and prosecco. I acted as a sort of unofficial photographer for the day and took over 200 shots, some of which are here.

Fun was had by parents and offspring alike. While the little ones rushed around the garden, the big ones ate, drank, chatted and played volley ball.


Hair goes everywhere when you play volley ball.
Hair goes everywhere when you play volley ball.

Cristina, the owner of the hair was having a ball.


Having a Volley Ball
Having a Volley Ball

Well, something had to be done to burn off all those categories. Creamy Gorgonzola is fattening stuff:


A huge chunk of Gorgonzola
A huge chunk of Gorgonzola

Ham is not too fattening and is very tasty:


Italian proscuitto crudo ham - very good
Italian proscuitto crudo ham - very good

This wheat salad was great too:


Wheat and ham Salad
Wheat and ham Salad
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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Tomatoes are always healthy, as far as I know:


Stripy Tomatoes
Stripy Tomatoes

Then there was the birthday cake – Italian style, well, this was one – there were three:


Forest Fruits Italian Birthday Cake
Forest Fruits Italian Birthday Cake

There was more, lots more on the food front. Sorry, I did not photograph all of it, I was too busy sampling it. And downing glasses of my beloved prosecco.  The prosecco came in anonymous green bottles – but its taste was far from anonymous. You often find wine in unlabelled bottles in Italy and it’s often very well worth trying.

This was the backdrop:


Lake Maggiore, Italy
Part of the Backdrop - Lake Maggiore, Italy

With thanks to Francesca and Pietro for inviting us all up to their place above Lake Maggiore. What a great day!

I, probably, won’t eat much this coming week. Boy, was there a lot.

Italians are exceptionally good at food and wine, I have to say. Great company too.

Italian food is one of many good Italian things!


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