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Listen to the Big Music of Italian Band Joycut

Bologna band Joycut’s sound is a large mellow mix of many influences. If you listen, you’ll come across hints of The Cure, a dash of Pink Floyd plus smidgens of more.

That’s not to say Joycut’s music is not original for it is and seeing as the band has been touring all over the place, what Joycut does goes down well. As well as playing to the UK, Joycut has done a tour of the USA too.

The band’s sound is big, spacious and at times, dark, which is something the band does have in common with the likes of Pink Floyd and The Cure.

Who is in Joycut? No idea really, but the man behind the lyrics and vocals appears to be a guy called Pasquale Pezzillo. Another two faces are involved, but they seem to want to remain anonymous and drum.

Who cares who’s doing what Joycut does? Just listen to the band’s music which speaks, or perhaps that should be, sings for itself.

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Here’s Joycut with:




More info on Joycut’s activities and the origin of the band’s name can be found on the band’s website: Joycut or on Facebook.

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