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Listen to Fishes by Italian Indie band Blue Willa

Blue Walla

Italian Indie art-rock band Blue Willa from Prato in Tuscany certainly have a distinctive, hard to define, sound.

Have a listen to their music and see the video of Blue Willa track Fishes , then listen to some more of their music from the band’s album called Blue Willa.

Blue Willa are Serena Altavilla, Mirko Maddaleno, Lorenzo Maffucci and Graziano Ridolfo.

Blue Walla
Blue Walla

Here’s Fishes by Blue Walla:

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If you liked that, here’s some more Blue Willa music for you to listen to: More Blue Walla

In case you missed it, you can find out more about the band, including tour dates, here: Blue Willa website

Band photo by Angelica Gallorini

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