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Licked: Milan’s Midnight Ice Cream Ban

It’s looking as if Milan’s ban on eating ice cream in certain areas of the city after midnight may soon be lifted – a mere two days or so after it was announced.

The introduction of the ice cream ban created much fuss in Milan. Twitter filled up with lots of often caustic comments on the ice cream eating ‘curfew’ and protesters took to Milan’s streets to protect their ice cream eating, and selling, rights.

The terms of the Milan ice cream ban, reported on Italy Chronicles last Saturday, are to be clarified in the near future by the city’s mayor, Giuliano Pisapia, according to an article in the Milan supplement of today’s Corriere della Sera. One suspects the oppressive law may soon melt away meaning ice cream lovers can lick away without fear of being collared by the ice cream cops.

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A trade association representing shop owners had threatened to lodge an appeal against the ice cream ban law with Milan’s TAR court. Well, such a move may no longer be necessary, ice cream parlor owners and lovers of Italian gelato will be pleased to hear.

This post will be updated once it is clear the post-midnight ice cream ban has been lifted.

What a storm in an ice cream cone!

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