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Levi-Prodi blog gaggers extraordinaire

Yes, I was a bit slow on the uptake re the Levi Prodi attempts to censor bloggers attempts to tell it how it is with regard to the situation in Italy. But I am not all that surprised that there was something of a time lag between the information getting out and ending up in my view. Incidentally, I found out about this ‘gag the bloggers’ law proposal via the pocket pc version of Google news, which presents news items about Italy in English.

Why am I not all that surprised? Well, I had not visited Grillo’s blog for a few days and I had not seem anything on Italian TV news. Surprise, surprise. It is no surprise, however, how Prodi and co tried to use the ‘stealth’ approach with regard to this new law. They knew full well that the reaction would be negative.

Thank heavens for people like Grillo. Without his continual monitoring of what those at the top are getting up to, nobody would no anything until it was way too late. Can’t beat a little open transparent democracy, that’s what I say, only Prodi and co did their level best to be as undemocratic as possible. Freedom of the press was first to go in this granddad state, now freedom of speech is being knocked on the head. Good old Mussolini is probably rubbing his hands in glee, knowing that fascist-type manipulation of information is being so widely implemented in a so-called non fascist state such as modern Italy. The late Mr M is probably quietly chuckling too that the so-called Italian communist party is in on the act too. What a fine situation.

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Modern Italy a democracy? My foot! True democracies do not stifle the freedom of the press or the freedom of speech. The European Union needs to step in and put a stop to these peoples’ antics. After all, what democratic government in its right mind attempts to declare war on its own people? Boy, how these people detest critisicm, but boy how they find it so difficult to comprehend that they continually leave themselves wide open to negative publicity.

Prodi’s attempt at government will probably soon crumble, which is, on paper, no necessarily a bad thing. The only trouble is that what is lying in the wings is not all that palatable either. Talk about wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are every which way you look.

I pity the Italian people who will have to vote in forthcoming elections. Voting options: Devil and deep blue sea.

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