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Letters to Juliet – Filmed in Verona, Italy

Letter’s to Juliet is a new film which caught my eye because most of it has been filmed in and around Verona in Italy, and Tuscany makes an appearance too.  It looks as though Letter’s to Juliet, which is a light romantic comedy, with a hint of mystery thrown in for good measure, is creating something of a buzz, too.

The film has earned itself a score of 6.9/10 on the movie site IMDb: Letter’s to Juliet on IMDb.  The stars of the film include Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave, quite a number of Italians, a red Fiat 500, and, of course, Italy.

Letters to Juliet - filmed around Verona, Italy
Letters to Juliet - filmed around Verona, Italy

After lady friends have seen this fun looking film, I would say that many a significant other will be faced with requests for holidays in Italy.  Be warned significant others!

I’ve been to Verona, and it’s a lovely city which is not too far from the equally stunning natural beauty of Lake Garda, one of Italy’s great lakes.

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Here is the trailer for you to take a look at.

Letter’s to Juliet – The trailer


Italy is an excellent location for films, romantic or otherwise.

Will I go see Letter’s To Juliet?  Most probably – it looks fun.  Or I might simply get the DVD or you can – here: Rent or Buy Letters To Juliet

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