Why Not Visit the Chianti Sculpture Park in Tuscany?

I found out about the Chianti Sculpture Park after writing about sculptor Gianpietro Carlesso caused me to ‘come up in conversation’ while Chris Bright was chatting to fellow American and Milan based Sean Carlos.

After wending my way around the world wide web and I came across the Chianti Sculpture Park, which looks rather interesting to this blogging English teacher cum photographer, and may well be of interest to others.  Then again, you never know.

This sculpture park project was created by contemporary Italian sculptor, one Piero Giadrossi and his wife on an area of woodland they acquired in Chianti, Tuscany and it’s only about 7 miles from one of the other Tuscan jewels, Siena.  There are quite a number of international artists displaying their works there too, as you will see if you visit the Sculpture Park Website.

The Chianti Sculpture Park website, which is in Italian, English, French and German is very good, and there is a virtual tour of the park.  If you click on the little pictures you’ll see photos of the sculptures.

Personally, being the aspiring photographer that I try to be, I’d love to have a look round.  There are some stunning images to be captured there, of that I’m pretty sure.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

Should you feel the urge to visit, an entrance ticket will cost you €7.50, or €5.00 for the under 16s (Correct according the Sculpture Park website – 7th March, 2012).  Concerts are held within the park too and it can be booked for events.

Although the park is open to the public from 10am until sunset from April to October, it is also possible the visit between November and March if you call this number first 0039 0577 357 151.  It would be quite an experience on a crisp clear winter day, I’m sure.  And don’t forget that camera!  Thinking about it, the sculpture park would make a great location for a photo or video shoot.

In any event, if your vacation in Tuscany is proving to be a hectic hare about session, stopping off here may well help regenerate that vacation mood. Try it, and let me know how you get on.  It would also be a nice stop off for a corporate entertainment itinerary too.

You might even find me there one day – along with a camera or two!

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