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Legion Warcry – Upcoming Metal Gods Made in Italy

Could Legion Warcry end up being heavy metal gods? Well, have a listen to what this made in Italy band from Vercelli can do. They do their metal stuff pretty well from what I’ve heard. Very nice guitar work, great vocals, coupled with a very powerful sound.

This band would sound great in a stadium. Have a listen to a couple of their tracks and see if you agree. These guys sound good, very good.

This Italian band looks the part too, well, almost. Two of the band’s members have long straggly hair – in the rock tradition, although other members of the band look a little bit too clean cut to be seen down the pub with the likes of Lemmie.

Legion Warcry – even the name sounds good and metal – came together in summer 2008. The band’s influences are Helloween, Angra, and Stratovarius, plus rock gods, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Most of Legion Warcry’s songs appear to be in English.

Legion Warcry
Legion Warcry (Photo by Alessia Saccone)

The Legion Warcry line-up is Valerio Averono doing vocals, Davide Castagnone and Alessandro Giordano on guitars, with Loris Antona on bass, and Giulio Murgia on drums.

Here are a couple of Legion Warcry tracks from their The Way to Escape Album, which can also be found on Apple’s iTunes store

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Stop reading, start speaking

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First, the suitably metal sounding:

God of Thunder by Legion Warcry


This is a semi-ballady kind of track.

10,000 Moons by Legion Warcry


As far as I know, Legion Warcry don’t have a recording contract, but perhaps they should.

The band has an official site here: Legion Warcry and are on Facebook too. No details of tour dates, alas.

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