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Left or right?

Steathy Prodi and his band have decided to turn around 60,000 temporary Italian teachers into 60,000 permanent teachers. Very good. Prodi must have read the Economist, which ran an article about the near dire state of Italy’s education system, because it had so many floating pedagogues.

Ah, says my left leaning other half, you see, the left are better than the right. Well, ‘not exactly’, comes my retort. You see, ‘it was the economic maneuvers that the right carried out that raised enough cash to allow the left to do something useful’, I continued. She disagreed, as usual.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Lean too far to the Left, and you fall over. Lean too far to the right, and you fall over. Mix the two, and you stay upright. Balanced.

Prodi is mixing, although he will never admit it.

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Letters to Juliet – Filmed in Verona, Italy

Letter’s to Juliet is a new film which caught my eye because most of it has been filmed in and around Verona in Italy. It looks as though Letter’s to Juliet, which is a light romantic comedy, with a hint of mystery thrown in for good measure, is creating something of a buzz, too.


Berlusconi: Marketing, the Plot, and Wikileaks

The Berlusconi phenomenon is an aspect of Italy which fascinates many, and not just those who live in this country. People wonder how Italy’s septuagenerian permanently tanned somewhat scandal ridden leader manages to continue to rule the roost in Italy. Just what is his secret?

This is something I’ve been ruminating over for some time, and, finally, I think I’ve understood how Italy’s controversial and charismatic leader bends Italy to his will. In very simple terms the answer lies in marketing. Only Silvio Berlusconi has gone one step further and has used his marketing prowess via his control of Italy’s media to create his own market. Who are the principal customers? Why, Italy’s electorate, who also happen to be those who watch Berlusconi controlled television channels.


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Our Son’s Insertion

Insertion? Insertion into what, I hear you ask.  Although it may sound painful, and in a sense it is, our son is not suffering physically,

Nevada Gambles on Green Power

I have mentioned before that Italy possesses cutting edge technology in the field of geo-thermal power generation. Here is an example of how Italy’s renewables know-how is going global.