The best way to learn Italian on your own

learn italian on your own


I’m sure you’ve given a thought or two about learning Italian and what would be the best way to do so. Whether you love Italian culture and want to know more or are planning a trip, knowing Italian is useful (and fun!).

In this post, I present you with different ways you can teach yourself to become an Italian learner. And who knows? You might end up creating a new Italian life because, as the Italian saying goes, una nuova lingua è una nuova vita.

How to find the best way to learn Italian that’s right for you

By this point, I’m sure you know there are a lot (almost infinite) methods for learning languages. From lessons at professional institutes to mobile applications, it’s a whole wide world. The huge amount of options can be confusing.

But, after exhaustive research, I’ve found the best way to learn Italian on your own is by customizing your learning process. Almost like a tailor-made suit.

Why did I say so? Because that is the only way to ensure it works for you, as in you end up learning the language, and it will always keep you motivated.

How can I learn Italian by myself?

  1. Think about the main goal you want to achieve. Then some objectives you want to reach along the way. And, above all, the level of skill you would like to reach. For example, I want to be able to be understood by natives when I talk. I want to improve my pronunciation in the meantime also. And I would love to become a C1.
  2. Practice makes perfect so create a routine you know you’ll follow every day. 30 minutes to an hour a day is enough and there are a lot of activities you can do while in the car or washing the dishes. This is one of the advantages of teaching Italian to yourself: a flexible schedule and zero deadlines stress.
  3. Grammar rule book? Dictionary? What to choose? There are never-ending resources available. I recommend you select a few of the online tools to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Down below you will find a list of recommendations.
  4. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. On the contrary, make as many as you can because they are the best teacher you can hope for.

Where can I learn Italian on my own?

For learning a language you need on one hand to dominate vocabulary and grammar. Whilst in the other hand you need to practice reading, speaking, and listening skills.

It’s a lot if you want to learn Italian by yourself. But, I hand-picked some courses, applications, tools, and resources for helping you.

Online courses and applications

  • “Ripeti con me”, by Think in Italian, is the online course at the top of my list. It teaches you from the start how to think and talk in Italian. Your level of skill does not matter because it adapts to it. You learn grammar and vocabulary by practicing conversation.
  • Lingopie is a really useful application if you love media content. You learn the language by viewing movies and TV shows. It is also a way to turn your hobby into study time.
  • Mondly, by Pearson, is for beginners and busy language learners. Is focused on practice, with bots and gameplays, but not so much on progress.


  • Songs and podcasts are convenient for practicing listening skills. Also to become familiar with pronunciation. A tip I give you is to always repeat what you hear.
  • TV shows, movies, and other media content are beneficial in two aspects. You can learn slang, accents, and real conversations. And you can practice reading with the subtitles.
  • Reading short stories aloud can be an entertaining way to exercise. If you want to go further, you can write summaries.
  • Quizlet is an awesome tool if you want to examine yourself in grammar rules.
  • Talking with native speakers or a tutor is the most effective tool you can use. Not only for solving doubts but for testing everything you’ve learned.

How hard it is to learn Italian?

The most asked question of all in the language learning community. One of the few questions that do not have a straight answer.

Why? Because it depends on several factors. If you are an English speaker, Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn.

Another factor to have in mind is if you know more languages. You can be more or less accustomed to language learning methods and it would be easier to learn.

How long does it take to learn Italian?

There is no unique answer to this question because it all depends on you. You are the deciding component in how long or how little it takes you to learn Italian. If you have the discipline to study every day and are committed to learning it won’t take as long as you imagine.

Even so, I have found a learning time calculator for giving you an approximate time frame. (Plus, it has some practical study templates)

You can learn Italian on your own

The best way to learn Italian on your own is by being consistent with the learning method of your choice. It can seem challenging at first but I can promise is also rewarding because the goal is also to enjoy yourself.

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