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Latest Accident, Via Aleardi, Milan, Italy

In a very recent post, last Sunday in fact, I claimed that the junction where Via A Aleardi crosses Via G B Bertini in Milan, Italy, was an accident black spot.  Well, tonight there was another accident.

Milan Accident
Milan Accident, Again

Exactly the same dynamics from what I saw.  Car comes out of Via A Aleardi, and is hit by a motorbike, OK, a super scooter, which is heading down Via G B Bertini.  There was an ambulance there too, which is never a good sign.

I claimed there was an accident every week in my last post.  Looks as though I should up that to two accidents a week.

This worries me.   I have a six year old son, and I would like him to reach at least the same age as me.

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Beware, this junction in Milan is dangerous.  Be very careful if you ever find yourself in the Paolo Sarpi area of Milan, especially if you are on two wheels.

Recent post on an accident in the same location in Milan:  Accident Black Spot Milan, Italy

Update 17th June 2009, around 2:00pm:

New accident.  Same location as this one, and the previous accident.  Not ten minutes ago.  I heard the thump.  Ambulance has arrived.  Woman who was riding a scooter on the ground.  Hope she is OK.

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