Last Minute Deal – Culture & Painting Holiday, Abruzzo, Italy

Painting Abruzzo, Italy. This Could be You!

Italia Sweet Italia still has six places left on its June 24 to June 27, 2011, painting experience short break in Abruzzo, Italy.

A 10% discount is offered on the normal price of €995 bringing the price down to €896.

Groups of Friends Save More

If four people or more book as a group, then a further 10% discount is available. This means the total saving per person is a whopping 20%. Prices are inclusive of just about everything apart from getting to Pescara in Italy, from where there is a pick-up service.

Not only will this break help you brush up your painting skills, it will also help you experience Italy, learn more about and sample Italian food and wine and leave you with lovely memories. You’ll also meet like minded people too.

Note: The variety of Italy’s cuisine and wine is not to be under-estimated. Menus change from region to region meaning that food in Venice is not the same as that in Bologna or in Abruzzo.

Move Fast

To take full advantage of the total 20% discount and this experience break in Italy, you’ll have to move fast seeing as today is the 21 June.

More information and booking details are here: Italia Sweet Italia – Painting Experience

This is but a small part of what awaits you in Abruzzo:

Painting Abruzzo, Italy. This Could be You!
Painting Abruzzo, Italy. This Could be You!

Full details of the holiday itinerary can be found under the ‘Interactive Map‘ tab on the Italia Sweet Italia Painting Experience page.

If you do manage to book in time, then please come back here and let us know how your short break in Abruzzo went.

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