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Kudos to Kudos

Talamonti's impressive Kudos Red Wine

As a result of my summer trip to Abruzzo, I met the sales director of the Abruzzo based Talamonti wineryRodrigo Redmont – while he was in Milan in business.  Rodrigo kindly left me a crate of Talamonti’s wines to try and the right moment to taste one of them finally presented itself last weekend.

We had friends over for dinner and I knew my friend Massimo liked interesting wine, so I showed him my mini-hoard of Talamonti wines and let him choose which wine to try.  He selected a bottle of 2006 Kudos red.

Talamonti's impressive Kudos Red Wine
Talamonti’s impressive Kudos Red Wine

What a lovely wine!  Just the kind of red I like.  Kudos is heady, full bodied, and bursting with fruity character.  A red wine to accompany red meats, roasts, game and other rich full-flavored foods.

Here’s what Talamonti say about their impressive Kudos wine:

Talamonti’s innovative spirit and winemaking expertise is demonstrated prominently in Kudos.

While that may sound a little immodest, I assure you it’s not.  Talamonti’s French oak barrique aged Kudos is an impressive creation.

Talamonti exports its wines to over 30 countries already and if it continues to create wines to the standard of Kudos, I suspect they’ll end up exporting to 60 countries in no time at all.

The Silicon Valley Wine

With a name like Kudos, I can see this becoming popular with the Silicon Valley smart set.  Giving a wine-loving tech industry expert a case of Kudos would be a fun way of showing appreciation for the kudos of the recipient, I’d say.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

If you see this wine on the wine list in your favorite restaurant, try it, I doubt you’ll be disappointed – I wasn’t.  Remember that distinctive label.

Restaurant owners – do try Kudos – this is a wine to consider adding to your wine list.  Wine clubs may also like to consider adding Talamonti’s Kudos wine to their selections too.

For more information on Talamonti, its wines and premium quality olive oil, go here:

Talamonti Winery

I’m looking forward to tasting Talamonti’s other wines immensely.  Blogging certainly has its benefits!

Abruzzo Produces Great Wines

The relatively unknown Italian region of Abruzzo appears to be capable of producing superb reds and whites, such as the gorgeous Titinge Riserva I tried while I was in Abruzzo this summer and the 2006 Kudos.

It’s time for Abruzzo to come up with an official wine trail – I suspect it will be very popular with wine afficionados.

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