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Koda the bear, again

If , like me, you happen to have very young children, you may well have come across ‘Brother Bear’ as it is called in English, or ‘Koda: Fratello Orso” as the film is entitled here in Italy. I say film, but really it is a long cartoon.

The story, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing this Disney film is basically about an Indian who gets transformed into a bear after having killed another bear. While this Indian is a bear, he meets, highly coincidentally, another bear, a little bear. This (little) bear, as bears often do, in films anyway, has a name and it is Koda. Koda is the first bear I have ever seen wearing lipstick. I suspect that he will also be the last. If you have seen the film, you may have noticed the lipstick, well, I think it is lipstick. It certainly looks as if it is. Moving quickly on from the little bear’s makeup, I have to say that our 20 month old loves it, the film that is, not the bear’s makeup, just in case you were getting a little confused. He cannot get enough of the film. At 8 this morning and yesterday morning, while his parents where slowly and drowsily getting ready for work, the little chap was having his daily dose of the lipsticked bear. I hasten to add that neither my better half , nor I are responsible for sticking our kid in front of the telly, honestly. The little fellow got the video out and inserted it into the VCR, well he tried to, until his mum seeing what he was up to, put the video in properly and switched on the telly.  Result: one happy little bunny. I think it would be accurate to say that he is a Koda addict.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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We finally prized the little one away from his place on the sofa to get him ready for his day nursery, although he kept popping back, between layers of winter clothing, to check on progress. When he finally left the house, I switched of the VCR and the house was Koda free. However, the saga does not end there.

I picked up Bapoo, as we call him, can’t remember how he earnt this nickname, at 5:30 after he had had a hard day at the nursery. Well, he did look tired. Then after picking up my laptop from where I had left it earlier on in the day, intentionally, before you start asking, and struggling along with two bags and a baby in a pushchair, we finally arrived at home. And guess what I was watching within five minutes, or less, of getting in? Koda, again. Only now, I’ve seen the film so many times, that I don’t even notice the lipstick anymore.

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