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Keep Sending in Those Super Recipes – contest deadline extended!

Contest Now Closed

I’ve had a few super recipe entries, and many thanks to those of you who have entered.  However, not as many as I was expecting.

Well, I did not really know how many entries to expect seeing as this is the first time I’ve run a contest like this.  I’m wondering whether a week or so was long enough for people to react and send stuff in.  I’ve also upped the ante a little.

So, in view of the experimental nature of this little contest and the enthusiasm of those who have entered, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for entries until midnight GMT on the 27 September.  And, as a little extra, I’ll contribute to the overall winner an extra one year subscription to La Cucina Italiana magazine.

The winner will now receive two whole years of the US version of La Cucina Italiana magazine delivered to his or her doorstep.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Just in case you were thinking I’m being paid zillions for setting this thing up, I’m not.  My ‘payment’ comes in the form of having some fun running this contest, a free one year subscription to La Cucina Italiana Magazine for myself and for the others involved, and, with a little luck, a few more readers.  I shall be using the La Cucina Italiana sub as a resource to help me write more posts on Italian food.

I am more than happy to attempt to help out La Cucina Italiana because it encourages good eating habits and is very well regarded here in Italy.  Italian cuisine is also highly regarded the world over, so spreading the word is a good thing to do in my opinion.

Go on, please send in a few more entries.  I’ve got some great ones so far, so I know there are some original ideas out there, and who knows, I might even be able to persuade La Cucina Italiana Magazine to actually publish some of the recipes you have sent in.  No promises, but I’ll certainly ask.

Many thanks for reading,

Alex Roe

Try La Cucina Italiana Magazine
Try La Cucina Italiana Magazine

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