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Tensione Evolutiva by Italian Favorite Jovanotti

Tensione Evolutiva

Italian singer songwriter Jovanotti, or Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini as he bills himself these days, is something of a perennial favorite with Italians.

Jovanotti’s music videos have been viewed millions of times on YouTube and the video you are about to hear/see has been seen well over 600,000 times to date.

Aside from having lots of fans in Italy, Rome born Lorenzo Cherubini also has a good few fans in other nations and has played concerts all over the world.  Generally this Italian singer does his musical stuff in Italian, but he has been known to sing in English and Spanish from time to time.

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Here’s one of Jovanotti’s latest tracks, in Italian, for you to have a listen to:

Tensione Evolutiva

Tensione Evolutiva
Tensione Evolutiva by Jovanotti

If your Italian is up to it, you can find out more about Jovanotti on his colorful Solelunawebsite where you will also find lots more of his music to listen to too.

As a matter of interest, Jovanotti is friends with Bono of U2 – both would like to see the debt of poor African nations cancelled.

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