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I’ve always admired this villa

This villa, which I have long admired, is situated alongside Corso Italia in Genova.

Genova - Villa
Villa in Corso Italia, Genoa, Italy

This is the gatehouse:

Genova - Villa - Gatehouse
Gatehouse of Villa in Corso Italia in Genoa

I’ve finally got round to photographing it.

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Stop reading, start speaking

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I know nothing about the place, but the gatehouse was not in a wonderful condition a couple of years ago. It may be a house, but then again it could be an office. I did ask our Genovese friend about it, but she knows nothing.

I love the style of the place and, despite being plonked just about in the middle of a town, it has a wonderful position looking straight out over the sea.

If only I had a few million Euros to throw around.

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