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Italy’s Cycle Motorway Takes a Step Closer to Reality

Back in September I wrote about an innovative proposal for what amounts to a cycle motorway in northern Italy – The Vento Project.

My post on the VenTo initiative caught the eye of The Guardian and the result was this article: Hopes grow for VenTo, a proposed 422-mile cycle path in northern Italy

Well, the good news is that the VenTo project has now been included in the Agenda Italy strategic plan for the development of tourism in Italy. The plan was drawn up by Italy’s Minister for Tourism and Cultural Activities, Massimo Bray, so it seems the Vento project caught the minister’s eye. It should have done, the project is likely to recoup its cost in the first year according to the Vento team. The benefits of the VenTo cycleway to tourism in northern Italy must have impressed the minister!

Don’t Start Planning a Cycle Holiday Just Yet

Now that VenTo enjoys official recognition, the chances it will become reality have increased, but don’t start planning a cycling holiday in Italy just yet, not much is likely to happen before 2015.

A 422 Mile Cycleway

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If, or rather, when VenTo becomes reality, cyclists Italian and otherwise, will end up with a 679 kilometer, 422 mile cycleway running from Turin to Venice.

As a cyclist, my fingers are crossed that the VenTo does come to fruition.

With thanks to Lizzy Davies, the Guardian’s Italy correspondent, and fellow cyclist, for keeping me updated on VenTo news. Cheers, Lizzy!



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