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Italy’s Chronicles’ Spring Treasure Hunt

Here’s a kind of blog treasure hunt quiz to keep you occupied over the weekend.

The first person to get the correct answer will receive the treasure in the form of a €50 (c. $63 USD – c. £40 UK) Amazon gift card to spend on whatever they like on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.it.

All you have to do to get the gift card is to use the clues below to hunt around to find blog posts and a the title of a picture on Italy Chronicles which contain letters of the alphabet to help you create a three word phrase.

The clues will help you collect the right letters and once you have them all, use them to create the three word phrase.  To make things a little more challenging, the letters you find will not be in the correct order.

When you think you have the three word phrase, leave it in a comment beneath this post.  The first person to leave the right phrase will receive the Amazon gift card.  Please specify in your comment whether you prefer Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.it and please leave a valid email address as this will be used to send the gift card to you.

You have until the end of Sunday 20th May 2012 – Italian time – to submit the phrase.  The only rule is that this quiz is not open to Italy Chronicles’ writers past or present.

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

Here are the clues:

  • 1.  Back in mid 2005 there is a post on how hot things can become in Italy.  Find that post and make a note of the first letter of the third and fifth letters in the title.
  • 2.  Find a picture of a bicycle in Tuscany.  Make a note of the middle two letters of the sixth word in the title of the picture.
  • 3.  In early 2006 Alex Roe received two gifts from his English language class students.  What is the third letter of the first present?  And what is the first letter of the second present?
  • 4.  In late 2007, Alex wrote about a funny Italian word.  What are the first and the final letters of that word?
  • 5.  In the summer of 2007, Alex tried to understand Italy.  What is the fifth letter of the sixth word in the penultimate paragraph?  And what is the fourth letter of the fifth word in the final sentence?
  • 6.  Alex wrote about a site in Italy with a potentially smelly problem in September 2008.  What is the second letter of the name of this site?
  • 7.  In the spring of 2009, Alex received something from someone in Italy’s government.  What are the first two letters of what Alex got?
  • 8.  In early 2009, Alex wrote about a popular mode of transport in Italy.  What is the second letter of the second word in the title of the post?
  • 9.  In early summer in 2010, Alex wrote about a book for the fairer sex.  What is the final letter of the title of the blog post?
  • 10.  In late 2011, something Italian won a top award.  What is the third letter of that something?  It’s also the fifth letter of the name of the thing.

Get cracking!  Good luck.

By the way, Italy Chronicles’ search system is quite good 😉

Please note, if for any reason it is not possible to send out an Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.it gift card, but you have a Paypal account, let us know.

If you have any questions, leave those in a comment too.


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