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Privacy laws

I keep on hearing about the fabled Italian privacy laws, so the other day I took a look at the actual wording of the laws.

I shall have another go, seeing as I got a little lost in all the cross referencing that went on and did not really come away feeling as though I had understood that much. Above all, I did not really manage to follow all the references to sub-clauses and other articles, although I had done something similar with property laws in the UK in another life, so I know it can be done if you have enough time.  Making laws nice and convoluted is a great way of ensuring that only those who can engage lawyers can really benefit from them.  It also keeps certain groups of politicians in power.

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Just who is supposed to benefit from these laws is not all that clear and there appears to be some, how can I put this, rather loose interpretation, to the extent that journalists tend to get entangled and decide that the scoop they had uncovered may not be worth publishing because a large law suit may be the result.  I’m all for privacy, but not when it is used as a cloak for covering up dubious actions and stifling the freedom of the press.

Be careful out there, merely taking a photo in a public place could get you arrested in theory, especially if you happen to inadvertently snap someone famous or powerful who said s/he was in Rome but was really in Venice meeting a ‘friend’….

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