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Italy’s Trashy Trouble Worsens

The out of control rubbish situation down in Naples, which has been smouldering away since 1994, has finally landed Italy in a spot of trouble.

Naples, Rubbish, and the NY Times

Recently the New York Times did a nice article entitled ‘36 Hours in Naples‘, which makes interesting reading and is well worth checking out. The

Was I writing rubbish?

Well, yesterday I suggested that Prodi and co bring in the army to sort out the trashy chaos down around Naples. So, I was a

Naples is burning, again

Some time back, I wrote about the rubbish situation down in Naples. Well, it appears as though the trash story has flared up yet again.

Naples and rubbish

There is something odd going on down in Naples. Every so often there are reports of domestic rubbish piling up to health threatening levels –