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A Fine Evening in Genoa

Visitors to Genoa’s old port area could be in for a little surprise, for the city’s authorities are cracking down on drinking in the street.

Speedy Notification

For motorists and motorcyclists unfamiliar with Italian roads, speed limits, and speed cameras, devices like these may help ensure that an unexpected speeding fine does

ID Cards for Children

If, like me, you have an ‘Italian’ child, ie a child that was born in Italy, then it is possible that this child is included

Holiday First Aid

Holiday Blues? – A Guide to What to Ask for in Italy’s Pharmacies/Chemists

OK, so you are on holiday or business here, or maybe you have just been re-located to Italy and you, or someone in your family, are feeling lousy.

You want to get something to help you over the worst, but you do not speak Italian, and have no idea what the various medicines are called in Italy. If that is the case, then this may well be the right post for you.

English Yellow Pages

I got an email today asking about English speaking vets in Milan, and I found the answer in the English Yellow Pages, which is ìa handy list of English speaking businesses and professionals throughout Italy.

Traffic fines

Back in September 2006 I wrote a post about how to settle those pesky speeding/traffic fines you may end up with either during or after

Speeding in Italy

Those very nice people over at La Polizia dello Stato, the Italian State Police, publish a list of where and when they will be carrying