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Italy Regurgitates Incompetence

One of Italy’s greatest problems is that the nation has a nasty tendency to regurgitate the incompetent. Examples of this are everywhere, from business to government.

Friendship and loyalty count for far, far more in Italy than skill and knowledge – just ask a few of the thousands of bright Italians who leave Italy every year for countries where their competence is greatly appreciated and rewarded appropriately.

With the economy in the doldrums, businesses failing, right left and center, and the consequent loss of jobs and fall in consumer spending, Italy needs new people with new, innovative, ideas. Indeed, Italy is famed the world over for its creativity, but rarely does it apply its innate creativity to running the Boot. It does, however, often suffer from others applying their brand innate creativity to robbing the Boot, which, as a result, is hobbling. The thieves are far too incompetent to realise that if Italy were run properly, it would make them very rich without the need for theft.

Only the Beppe Grillo led 5 Star Movement seems to realise Italy desperately, urgently, needs new people and new ideas. Other Italians, admittedly a still small majority, are beginning realise this too. Berlusconi voters, one could claim, tend to prefer thieves and good looking incompetents.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of competent Italians who could be running Italy and running it very well, but they don’t get a look in for some inexplicable reason.

The shiny new house of cards which is the Enrico Letta led government has been happily regurgitating incompetence.

Recently, parliamentary commissions were set up. Guess who got all the best jobs? Yes, you probably guessed it, the usual incompetents. The commissions are led by very same people who have been making a complete and utter hash of running Italy for years. Just for good measure, one of the deputy commissioners is facing serious charges of corruption, aren’t you Mr Formigoni?

A Commission of Friends to be Set Up

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Now, after retreating to an Abbey in the midst of the Tuscan countryside, Italy’s Prime Minister Letta has announced that a new commission is to be set up. Supposedly, this commission will be a team of experts. If it is made up of genuine, objective experts, it’ll be a huge surprise to this Italy watcher. Instead, one expects the vast majority of “experts” to be friends of friends – a commission of friends. Expect old people, with old minds, old, flawed, solutions and a level of innovation on the wrong side of zero. Do not expect results which will solve Italy’s problems.

How can Italy ever hope to move forward if it keeps on using the same old people, many of whom are literally old? People who will insist on applying the same old ideas which never worked in the first place. The answer is it can’t and it won’t.

In business, if someone does a good job, you use them again. Logical, is it not? Not in Italian politics. If anything, the opposite is true. If you did a bad job, you’ve got a job for life. Actually, trying to find Italian politicians who’ve done much good for Italy is almost as hard as finding a needle in haystack.

It’s no wonder Italy is going round in ever decreasing circles – in Italy, incompetence rules, and Italy suffers.

Now, some would argue that the evergreen long-life incompetents who continue to pretend to run Italy are not that incompetent. This may be partially true – many of these people are expert at filling their bank accounts, often with taxpayer money. Doing this does require a certain amount of competence, and zero ethics.

Will Italy ever learn? Probably not, the nation is a very, very slow learner indeed.


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