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Italy’s New Anti Corruption Czar – Raffaele Cantone

Raffaele Cantone

To sort out Italy’s many corruption issues, prime minister Matteo Renzi has appointed Italian magistrate Raffaele Cantone to the position of head of Italy’s national anti-corruption authority.

A member of the Naples’ branch of Italy’s specialist organised crime fighting Anti-Mafia Directorate up to 2007, Cantone, 50, was responsible for bringing numerous senior members of the ruthless Casalesi camorra mafia clan to justice in his native Naples. He participated in investigations which put notorious gangland boss, Francesco “Sandokan” Schiavone, behind bars. Cantone also investigated the operations of the camorra mafia in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe.

Raffaele Cantone, the new head of Italy's national anti-corruption authority
Raffaele Cantone, the new head of Italy’s national anti-corruption authority

Another of Cantone’s victories in the on-going battle against organised crime in Italy concerned putting a noted Parma based real estate dealer in prison for assisting with money laundering activities for the Naples’ camorra mob.

Up to his appointment as Italy’s number one corruption fighter, Cantone had been working for Italy’s Court of Cassation carrying out a  legal by largely administrative function as an official of the Ufficio del Massimario.

Cantone has a good track record on the anti-mafia front and will well be aware that organised crime and political corruption are often linked. In fact, Cantone has written a number of books on his work and on organised crime issues, including one about the links between the mafia and football.

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Is Italy’s prime minister attempting to send a message to Italy and the world that the Boot is finally prepared to take its corruption problems seriously? The appointment of Cantone does seem to indicate this.

Unsung Heroes

All of Italy’s anti-mafia prosecutors, magistrates and police should be regarded as heroes. They put their lives on the line attempting to bring an end to one of Italy’s greatest scourges. However, Italy rarely hails the work of these extremely courageous people, many of whom require round the clock protection.

Let’s hope Raffaele Cantone can help reduce corruption levels in Italy – this would help attract foreign investment which would, in turn, create jobs and livelihoods for many Italians.

Good luck Mr Cantone.

Source: Wikipedia – Raffaele Cantone – in Italian

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