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Italy has Grillo, Myanmar/Burma has the Buddhist Monks, and both countries have unhappy people

No, I know there is no comparison between the Italian oligarchy and the Burmese despots, but both are examples of the people being encouraged to revolt against arrogant, non-democratic leaderships.  Some of the Buddhist monks who are bravely attempting to right the wrongs in their country may well end up being shot.  The Burmese regime is known to be violent, and not too shy about opening fire on the unarmed, in true dictatorial fashion.  And monks have died before in Burma for having previously attempted to protest against the regime.

If normally passive, pacific Buddhist Monks are stirred into action, then that must mean that there is something badly wrong.  And then in Italy, we have a stand-up comedian teasing the politicians.  Although the situation in Italy is nowhere near as bad as that in Burma, the fact that normally independent individuals and groups are standing up and acting in both countries says to me that people are not happy.

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Will Grillo be shot?  Well, people who stick their noses too deeply into certain affairs in Italy have been known to come to a sticky end, but I don’t think, although I’m not too sure, that Grillo is considered to be a real threat by the power mongers in Italy.   Whereas in Burma, alas, I fear that lives may be lost.

Let’s hope that in both countries things happen peacefully.  And that the true meaning of the word ‘democracy’ is restored.

Have a look here to see how beautiful Burma/Myanmar actually is.

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