Italy Earthquake May 2012 – Contact Friends and Loved Ones

In response to a comment on the article on the earthquakes which shook Italy up last Sunday 20th May, here is a brief article which can be used by anyone trying to find or contact friends or relatives who are in Italy at the moment to find out if they are OK.

Simply leave your message in the comment section beneath this post.

Alternatively, anyone who is in the area of Italy affected by the earthquakes – Modena and Ferrara mainly – or simply in Italy at this time on vacation or business, can leave a comment to say they are OK, if they wish to.

I do not recommend leaving personal email addresses or phone numbers, unless the phone numbers and email addresses are for hotels or bed and breakfasts in Italy.

I don’t know whether this will help, but it might and I think it is worth doing.

Even if you are not someone trying to contact somebody, you can help by retweeting, Facebooking, Google plusing etc etc and generally helping spread the world about this page on

Stay safe,

Alex Roe  – Publisher of Italy


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