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Italian Rogue of the Week: Nunzio Scarano

Nunzio Scarano, if you have not heard of him, is a senior Italian cleric who worked within the Vatican Bank as an accountant until he was suspended from his duties around a month ago. Recently, this priest was arrested.

Along with an Italian secret services agent and a financial broker, dodgy priest Scarano had been allegedly plotting to spirit €20 million into Italy from Switzerland in a private aircraft. The transfer of the cash is thought to have been designed to avoid anti-money laundering checks making it a blatant an attempt to launder money – by a priest!

It is not yet clear who would have benefited from the blessed attempt to hide millions, but furbo Monsignor Scarano, also known as Monsignor 500 on account of his reputation for often having €500 banknotes to hand, is suspected of running a money laundering ring.

He claims cash in his possession came from ‘donations’ and denies doing anything untoward. Investigators want to know more about the ‘friendly’ links between Scarano and a family which runs shipping company from Naples. The illegal importation of €20 million may have been a favor to the Neapolitan shippers.

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Scarano certainly was a well-heeled cleric, and it has been reported he had a rather spacious 400 square meter luxury apartment in the center of his Salerno parish which, once renovated, would have been worth a cool €4 million. A connection is suspected between the priest’s suspected money laundering operations and his valuable property. Aside from being God’s accountant, a construction company in Scarano’s name exists. The possibility of ungodly goings on are being examined, and the Vatican, which tends to keep quiet, has agreed to cooperate with investigators.

There are plenty of question marks hanging over the affairs of this cash flashing cleric stroke banker, as indeed there are over the operation of the far from transparent operations of the Vatican Bank. The director and deputy director of  the Vatican Bank recently resigned, although the Vatican claims Scarano affair is not related to the resignations. Believe what you will.

The Vatican Bank is one shady operation, as this article reveals: The Vatican Bank – A Cause for Concern

Nunzio Scarano, for being investigated for money laundering, and facing charges of fraud, corruption and falsely reporting the theft of €200,000, easily earns himself the title of Italian Rogue of the Week.

Boy, was he setting a great example for members of his flock. It’s doubtful he ever took a vow of poverty. Attempts to clean the rot out of the Vatican Bank are in progress.

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