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Italian Rogues of the Week – The Genoa Managers Who Didn’t

Genoa in Italy, as you might have heard, was hit last week by major flooding. One person died and hundreds of millions of Euros worth of damage was caused, yet the public sector managers who could have prevented the disaster received performance bonuses though not for their flood prevention endeavours.

After a similar incident in 2011 city, promises to carry out works to prevent future floods from ever happening again flowed like the destructive flood waters themselves. Nothing was done though. This did not prevent the managers who were supposed to have ensured the works took place from receiving generous bonuses as revealed by Genoa-based Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX.

Il Secolo named names and listed the bonuses these managers who didn’t received.

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Here are the names and the bonus payments received:

  • Laura Petacchi €17,164,
  • Monica Bocchiardo €7,171,
  • Enrico Vincenzi €6,131,
  • Stefano Pinasco €9,405,

Not bad, considering they didn’t protect Genoa from flooding. Just what did they do to earn these bonuses? Not flood prevention works, that for sure! Il Secolo XIX also mentioned that the salaries of these supposedly ‘super’ managers range from €80,000 to €120,000 a year. One of the (mis) managers concerned has ended up under investigation for negligence in connection with the flooding of Genoa.

For accepting bonuses and for not doing what they are paid to do, the Genoa public sector managers receive Italy Chronicles’ not so coveted Rogue of the Week award.

Let’s hope these people are sacked and replaced with more conscientious staff very soon. Their removal should form part of Genoa’s flood prevention measures, wouldn’t you agree?

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