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Italian Rogue of the Week: Silvio Berlusconi

Well, dear Silvio Berlusconi really had to be the one who was awarded Italy Chronicles Italian Rogue of the Week booby prize after throwing Italy, Europe and the rest of the world into total and utter turmoil by causing Italy’s caretaker Prime Minister Mario Monti to throw in the towel rather sooner than expected.

All Silvio had to do was announce his comeback and Italy’s stock markets went into crash mode.  Behind the scenes Monti and others worked hard to convince the world the Berlusconi threat was not as bad as it seemed.  Nobody is that convinced Berlusconi can be kept at a safe distance and the Germans, after being attacked by the tanned man himself, are terrified at the prospect of a Silvio ending up at Italy’s helm one more time.

Italy, through the sterling efforts of Mario Monti, even if he’s left Italians feeling lots of austerity pain, was no longer regarded as being a major threat to the stability of Europe (and the world).  Then Berlusconi came along and on the pretense of saving Italians from the austerity he had largely brought about, decided Mario Monti had to go. Although even Berlusconi did not expect Monti to toddle off so soon.

Silvio Berlusconi - Rogue of the Week
Silvio Berlusconi – Rogue of the Week

Now, as a result of the Berlusconi effect, Italy is once more being regarded as a major threat to the stability of Europe (and the world).  Nice one Silvio!

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Causing Monti to exit stage right in the midst of a very wobbly economic period was a roguish thing to do on Berlusconi’s part.  Others have described Berlusconi’s not so clever little move as irresponsible.  Still, sooner or later, something similar was bound to happen.  Italian politics is not known for stability.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

Berlusconi Wants to Save Italy? Rubbish!

And, it looks as if Berlusconi brought down Monti not so much to save Italy from austerity as to save his own skin.

Coincidentally, the girl at the centre of the Ruby Gate sex scandal case, did not turn up for an appearance in court.  Conveniently, this meant the case has been delayed.  Ruby is apparently over in Mexico and won’t set foot in Italy until next year, by which time Berlusconi will be in full electioneering mode and will have a very handy excuse not to face trial on accusations of having had sex with a minor.  Did furbo Silvio’s pay for Ruby’s Mexico ticket?  One wonders.

Berlusconi Says the Spread is Not Worth Peanuts

Now Silvio is saying silly things such as the spread was invented to bring his government down, which is balderdash, and that the Germans are evil, except the German economy is doing much better than Italy’s.  This could possibly be down to the fact that instead of bunga bunga-ing, Germany’s leaders actually bother managing their nation and do what they do much better than dodgy government’s such as the one formerly run by Silvio Berlusconi.

Silvio Berlusconi appears to have as much a propensity for roguishness as he does for crime 😉

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