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Italian Rogue of the Week: Pier Luigi Bersani

For promising to reform and rejuvenate Italy and then doing the opposite and being instrumental in the re-election of Italy’s ancient president Giorgio Napolitano, as well as being a slave to Italy’s old guard political class, the now ex-leader of Italy’s centre-left political party, Pier Luigi Bersani, earns himself the title of Italian Rogue of the Week on Italy Chronicles.

Not only did Bersani take Italy back to the past, he also managed to fluff an easy election victory and cause his very own PD political party to implode. Nice one Pier Luigi!

Pier Luigi Bersani
Pier Luigi Bersani

Moreover, thanks to his actions, his party bigwigs are now afraid to appear in public! Bumbling Bersani managed to make Italy’s already widely detested politicians hated even more! That’s quite an achievement.

There’s more too – Bersani’s bumbling over the choice of a president and the creation of a government almost led to violence in Rome. And, clever Mr Bersani has delivered Italy back into the hands of the person who is largely responsible for the current social and economic mess Italy finds itself in – Silvio Berlusconi! As a result of this master-stroke, Bersani has managed to ensure he’s one of the most hated politicians in Italy. And to think, this guy could have ended up as Italy’s prime minister! He would have been a total and utter disaster.

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With hindsight, Pier Luigi Bersani should perhaps have resigned before elections were held in February.

Some people are natural born leaders, some become leaders, some are neither born, nor never will become leaders, Pier Luigi Bersani is one such person. He’s reputedly a nice guy, but he now needs a career change, as a politician he was very bad for Italy’s health.


Image by Figiu, Gianfranco Galvano

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