Italian Music – Arisa – La notte

With over 11 million views on YouTube, Italian singer Aria’s track La Notte – The Night – has proved very popular indeed. La Notte topped the Italian singles charts too.

Here, for Italy Chronicles Italian Music TunesDay, is this popular track with Arisa’s warbling, award wining, voice.

In 1999, Arisa won the first prize in the Cantacavallo competition for her vocal skills. She achieved national recognition in 2009 after charming audiences at Italy’s San Remo music festival.

La Notte is a gentle number and is the type of music many Italians tend to go for. It’s not a bad track, I admit, even if it’s a bit too soft for my tastes. Don’t let that put you off though. What I like, is not necessarily what tingles your musical taste buds 🙂 Arisa does have a beautiful voice though. Quite enchanting, in fact.

See what you think:

Arisa – La notte


There, I hope you feel suitably enchanted and possibly, quite romanticle too.

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