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Aging Italian Lothario Dies after Night of Passion

After a night of passion in a king-size bed with three ladies in a luxury hotel in Milan, a wealthy 80 year old Italian had a fatal heart attack.

It is suspected that either Viagra or cocaine, or maybe both, helped power the passionate pensioner through the night, or at least until the poor chap’s heart could take no more.

Just in case you were wondering, the rich Lothario concerned was not Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who has become known the world over for his bunga bunga, or as he himself recently termed them, burlesque parties.  So much for the civilized evening soirees.

The recently deceased gentleman of the four in a bed frolic has not yet been named, but, according to a Corriere della Sera report, he was a noted entrepreneur who owned of a number of hotels in Venice.

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Viagra abuse is becoming something of a problem in Italy.  Mixing Viagra and cocaine is asking for trouble, as the departure of the busy businessman would appear to bear testament.

Terribly sad for the late gentleman’s family, of course, but one can think of worse ways to go.




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