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Italian Indie Music – Il Teatro degli Orrori – Io cerco te

Italian Indie Rock Band Il Teatro degli Orrori

This is the video to go with a new single by Italian Indie rock group – Il Teatro degli Orrori  – called Io cerco te, which is I’m looking for you in English.

By the way, Io cerco te is sung in Italian and has been taken from a new album  – Il Mondo Nuovo which comes out at the end of January.

I had a listen to Io Cerco Te and liked what I heard.  It’s a rousing, punchy little number with quite a hard edge.

As a general rule, Italian music tends to be a little too much on the soft and teddy bear friendly side for this Englishman in Milan.  Io cerco te is not at all soft and bear friendly.

On its website, the band says it wants to do something which is a cut above current ‘fried’ Italian rock.   So far, so good.

Italian Indie Rock Band Il Teatro degli Orrori
Italian Indie Rock Band Il Teatro degli Orrori

The words are not too difficult to follow and listening to this song may even help brush up you Italian.  There, you now have an excuse to listen.  Turn up the volume (unless you are at work) for here is:

Il Teatro degli Orrori  – Io cerco te

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.


Let us all know what you think.

The website of the band: Il Teatro degli Orrori

Oh, and if you are a fan of Italian indie music, why not check out the blog called, er, Indie Music.  It’s all about, well, indie music, plus a little music which is not that indie.

information on up and coming gigs by Italian and other bands can also be found on Indie Music.

Band photo by Markus Sotto Corona

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