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Irene Grandi’s Dreaming of a White Christmas in Italian

Italian singer Irene Grandi’s Bianco Natale, a version of that Christmas classic I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas is at 16th place in Italy’s Christmas charts.

Italy’s pop people are not really into Christmas songs which may explain why MTV Italia’s Christmas Hits top 20 list is dominated by songs by non-Italian artists. Even Irene Grandi’s Bianco Natale includes some of the words from the original song has you will hear.

Another curious aspect of Grandi’s track is that the video was shot in Berlin! Why she didn’t shoot it somewhere in Italy, I have no idea. It’s not as if Italy is short of locations and some will even be suitably white at this time of the year. To be fair, when the video was made maybe there were not many white snowy corners of Italy unless Grandi and her crew wanted to film a video on a glacier, that is.

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Anyway, here’s what might possibly become an almost Italian Christmas hit this Christmas in Italy.

Irene Grandi – Bianco Natale

[youtube width=”556″ height=”469″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLq5ZFevKfw[/youtube]

Still, it’s quite a fun song. Not sure what to make of the sparkler wielding Santa in Berlin though. Weird.

I’ll keep an eye out for other Italian Christmas songs but do feel free to point me towards anything Italian and Christmassy. Thanks!

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