Views of the Upper Aso Valley in Le Marche

Poppies in Le Marche

At some point next week, I’ll be returning to Italy’s lovely Le Marche region. I first visited the upper Aso valley area of Le Marche very briefly back in June. What I saw, I liked and liked a lot.

A friend of mine is doing up a house in Le Marche and he’s getting to know the region well. He’s already learned that Britons, the Dutch and a few Germans have bought holiday homes in the Aso valley area. These new residents have also earnrd themselves a reputation for the styles with which they do up homes in Le Marche.

Germans, or so a Le Marche builder said, want everything to be modern and up to date, but tend to lack taste, or at least do not have the same taste as the region’s indigenous residents.

Next there are the Dutch – very tasteful, but they want everything to be as modern as their German neighbors.

Last, but not least, are my fellow countrymen who have a very good reputation for restoring Le Marche houses to their former glory. This means instead of creating hyper modern interiors, they will go instead for a more traditional look and use traditional materials too. The British approach goes down well with Le Marche locals.

Here though, are not photographs of Le Marche houses, but views from those houses.

I think you will see why Italy’s Le Marche region is so appealing.

Le Marche Countryside
Le Marche Countryside

The rolling hills of Le Marche  not at all dissimilar to the landscapes of southern England. Note that this I visited in early June and that there had been lots of rain – hence all the greenery. By August, the greens will have faded considerably to straw yellow and the poppies will be no more. Beautiful though, isn’t it?

June in Le Marche is characterized by poppies, lots of them, which means photographers can have fun creating interesting poppy backdrops. Le Marche has no shortage of photo opportunities, I can assure you.

Le Marche Poppies
Le Marche Poppies

Here’s another poppy photo – with the same backdrop as before:

Poppies in Le Marche
Poppies in Le Marche

As well as the poppies, lovely panoramas, glorious hilltop towns and villages, the food and wine of Le Marche just as appealing. Actually, it’s even more appealing because eating out in Le Marche costs an awful lot less than in Milan, for example. You can eat extremely well on around €15 a head – less if you skip a course or two. The slight disadvantage to visiting Le Marche is that you may well return from your break a good few pounds heavier!

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