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Images of Siena, Italy

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Last summer, and thanks to an invitation I got from Ray and Anna Rita of Tuscan Enterprises, villa rentals and purveyors of wonderful wine, olive oil, and Cinta Senese ham products, I went to Tuscany.

One day I buzzed off in my small but perfectly formed Fiat 500 rental car to Siena – home to the famous Palio horse race and to, like so many of Italy’s cities, towns and villages, lots of wonderful unspoilt buildings.  Needless to say I took my trusty camera with me plus a couple of lenses.

Here are 30 35 photos of Siena, Italy via a Flickr slideshow, which you can view full screen if that is your wont.

Would I recommend a visit to Siena in Tuscany? Definitely. It’s a lovely place which is bursting with character.

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Here are the photos:

Siena, Italy

A tip – if you do go and want to visit the cathedral, museum, tower and crypt – get the good value all in one ticket. You can buy it from a kiosk which lies to the right of the cathedral.

Lovely place and I’d love to go back too.

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