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I’m Sorry, I don’t Understand….

….why schools in Milan are short of cash.

Few would deny that Italy has some of the highest tax levels in Europe. Yet, despite the, apparently increasing, tax income, the schools in Milan actually ask parents for, in some instances, monthly contributions to help bolster funds.

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Why are the schools asking for extra cash? Just where is all this tax income going? Would somebody please enlighten me?

As a slight aside, I know of someone who was told that one school in Milan was better than the others because only 40 percent of total teaching hours are covered by peripatetic teachers. Only 40%. And that is supposed to be good? Maybe this could explain where all the schools’ funds end up – paying the salaries of absent teachers.

You should also know that Lombardy’s per capita gross domestic product is 30 percent higher than the rest of Italy, so heaven only knows what the situation is like in the rest of Italy.

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