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Hunting the Antique Torg – Crisis Aversion

Gormito‘Hunting the what?’, you may be mouthing. Well, if you did not know, the Antique Torg (a strained translation from the Italian ‘l’Antico Torg’), is an agressive looking little fellow who belongs to one of the upteen Gormiti clans. He resembles the figure in the picture on your left.

We have hoards of the things sprouting from just about everywhere in our apartment. Only now, one of their number has mysteriously disappeared. For the moment, this vanishing remains an unsolved whodunnit.

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I strongly suspect a case of ‘Gormiti napping’, and it’s likely that the dog actually is the Gormito napper. I did carry out a strip search of said dog’s basket, but to no avail.

Luckily, a potential crisis situation did not arise, as although your official Gormito hunter here suspected that the 4.5 year old Gormito Godfather may have kicked up a fuss before heading for bed, the aforementioned self-proclaimed head of his own personal Gormito clan, proceeded to bed without further ado.

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I Blame Di for this silliness!

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