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How To Sell More Wine

I like wine, and a particularly like Italian wines.  The trouble is, after I have tasted some wonder wine or other I have a heck of a problem finding them in wine shops and supermarkets.  There is another problem too: that of overwhelming choice.

The other day I was in one of the larger of our local supermarkets here in Milan, Italy where I had a quick look at the wine section.  I wanted to find a wine or wines I’d tasted, liked and written about.  I gave up.  The sea of bottles and virtually indistinguishable labels bamboozled me, not for the first time.

Another problem is wine makers who, from my experience, do not know where their wines are sold.  I know why this is – wine sales are usually charged to a wine merchant, or, of the winery exports all over the world, to a potentially large number of wine merchants.  The merchants then sell wines to wine stockists – wine stores, restaurants, pubs, bars and wherever else someone is likely to want to buy or try wine.

This annoying problem could, I feel, be overcome quite easily, using both traditional and more 21st century means.

Regarding the traditional means – all wine shops should, like most restaurants, have a wine list.  The wine list should be in order of wine type, and which would then be divided up by producer.  Wine consumers, like me, could then read about a wine on a wine blog, or in a newspaper, magazine, wine guide or whatever and see if it is on the wine list of a local store, or even restaurant.  Wine makers would sell more wines and stores, and restaurants, would learn which wines everybody liked.  Everyone would be happy – a win win, or should that be win wine situation?!

How about iWine?

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Stop reading, start speaking

Stop translating in your head and start speaking Italian for real with the only audio course that prompt you to speak.

There are a few wine searching services on the world wide web, but they are not all that good from what I’ve seen and you have no idea whether the prices are OK or extortionate.   Indeed, you may find the wine you are after costs a small fortune and decide it no longer interests you.  What you do not know is that there may well be another place, somewhere near you, maybe, which sells the very same wine at half the price.

There are services like Around Me which works on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad and Google Android powered smart phones which can help people track down a whole host of handy local information.  It’s a shame there is not something similar for wine, or other products even.





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