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How Solar Energy Innovation in Italy Eliminated a Tax

San Lorenzo Bellizzi, Calabria

Through innovation in solar energy, the tiny commune of San Lorenzo Bellizzi in the Italian region of Calabria has managed to eliminate a tax and save its 715 inhabitants money.

What San Lorenzo Bellizzi did was to invest in solar energy generation. It then used the income generated, excuse the pun, from this investment to cancel a local services tax known as TASI. Excellent!

Two years ago, according to Italian website Lavori Pubblici, San Lorenzo Bellizzi council acquired land in an area where the installation of photovoltaic cells was permitted on greenhouses. It then installed three photovoltaic units to generate 13 megawatts of power.

The mayor of San Lorenzo Bellizzi is a Mr Antonio Cersosimo, an engineer, who is not affiliated to any political party, decided to implement the scheme to counter continual reductions in government funding.

San Lorenzo Bellizzi, Calabria
San Lorenzo Bellizzi, Calabria, Italy
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If you have been reading Italy Chronicles recently, you’ll know that Italy is rather short of cash and many local authorities and local councils have been feeling the financial pinch. Far sighted San Lorenzo Bellizzi, on account of its innovative solar energy scheme is feeling the pinch less than other areas around Italy.

What brilliant idea! With a little luck, other councils in Italy will follow suit. Innovative San Lorenzo Bellizzi has been written about on Italy Chronicles before, it’s where you can: Get A Slice of Authentic Italy for the Price of an Old Motorbike 

Thanks to the inspiring leadership of Mayor Antonio Cersosimo, San Lorenzo Bellizzi earns itself a place in Italy Chronicles’ Good Italian Things category. Well done!

By the way, San Lorenzo Bellizzi is situated in a lovely area of Italy. Pictures of this area which is within the Pollini National Park, can been seen on the photos section of the commune’s Facebook page. It’d be lovely to see this innovative area of Italy in the flesh.

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