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How much do Italians earn?

Back on the 29th May, Epolis, one of my favourite freebie newspapers here in rainy Milan, ran an article on how much the average Italian found in his or her pay packet in 2007. I kept a copy of the newspaper because I thought a few of you might be interested in seeing this information in English, so here goes:

All sums are in Euros and are after the tax man has had his nibble.

  • Manual Workers: Italy – 12, 589    UK – 16,858
  • Office Workers: Italy – 17,388   UK – 24,057
  • Middle Managers: Italy – 40,214   UK – 55,779
  • Senior Managers: Italy – 102,313   UK – 131,139
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Stop reading, start speaking

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Apparently 50% of Italian families manage to survive, just about, on less than €1,900 a month.

Poor Italy, except you would not think so from seeing all the BMW X5’s buzzing around Milan.

The original source of the information above was Italy’s Istat statistics bureau.

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