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Honesty is not the best policy, in Italy.

While reading the English version of Beppe Grillo’s wonderful blog I found a rather worrying entry, well, more worrying than the rest. Mr Grillo does not paint a wonderful picture of the Italian establishment at the best of times, but this was almost shocking.

From the entry here, it would appear that many of the country’s ‘leaders’ are indeed convicted criminals. 25 honourable members have actually been convicted of some rather interesting crimes, not the sort of non-payment of speeding fines thing, but more serious stuff.

How the heck these people can be charged with running a country is a little beyond me. In actual fact once a little political back scratching has been eliminated the number of IMPs who are either under investigation, have been investigated but got away as a result of time-barring laws, and who have actually been convicted the total comes to around 82, or around 10% of the Italian parliament.

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Take a look at the list and see for yourself.

Now if anyone would like to offer me some gainful employment in the States or Canada, please will they get in touch. I pity the vast majority of Italians, they do not really deserve this.

As I said in a recent previous post – Italy is a great place for holidays.

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