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Hitler, Mussolini, and Berlusconi

During a theatrical representation based on George Orwell’s well known novel ‘Animal Farm’ which was held in a northern Italian school, a projector was used to show images of dictators through the ages.

George Orwell
George Orwell

All the usual faces showed up, including Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and a good few others.  However, the wicked technician who had set up the slide show decided, on his own initiative, to include Berlusconi’s smiling face too!  What a naughty technician.

The parents who attended the English language production were not too happy to see Berlusconi in amongst all those bad boy dictators from yesteryear, and complained vociferously.  And the mischievous, probably left leaning, technician lost his job over the affair.

This teacup storm, or tempest, took place in the northern Italian town of Gallerate, which is not too far from Milan.

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Whereas in other parts of Italy this little joke may have been laughed off, in northern Italy – the heartland of the Northern League, and other Berlusconi friendly groups – the insinuation was obviously not appreciated.

It’s a shame that the great Mr Orwell is still not around, as it would have been interesting to have heard his opinion on this funny little affair.

I was going to categorise this post as ‘Humour’, but that would have been a little pernicious of me. 😉

Source, in Italian: La Repubblica – Berlusconi con Stalin e Mussolini

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