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Apparently a Turkish aircraft which hijacked by possibly Islamic terrorists has landed in Brindisi in the south of Italy.  Two Turks hijacked the plane in protest at the Pope’s forthcoming visit to Turkey.  One suspects that there is a direct link between the hijacking and the Pope’s recent reference to Islam.

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Perhaps next time the Pope will choose the words he uses in his speeches a little more carefully, as it sounds as though a tradgedy may have been narrowly avoided, although the incident is not yet over.  One hopes that it is concluded peacefully.

UPDATE: It seems to be over and no-one was hurt. There are conflicting reports as to whether the hijacking was inpired by the Pope’s words, or whether the hijackers were just after political asylum. One of them has been reported to be Christian.
Odd – I shall amend this entry if I’m wrong about the connection between the Pope’s speech and this incident. Whatever, it does seem to be on heck of a coincidence, no?

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