Hey Presto! One Upgraded Italy Chronicles!

If you are reading this, then you have landed on the new souped up, hopefully headache free, faster version of Italy Chronicles!  Some people will see the new site faster than others due to the web learning a new IP address.  For the new location to be visible to everyone will take around 48 hours or so.

Why the move? Well, starting a couple of weeks back, this site was suffering from a major bout of technological hiccups which culminated in it becoming virtually impossible to write anything!  Not good.  The “problem” was too much traffic.  While all websites want as much traffic from the world wide web as possible, sometimes, lots of traffic can cause websites to fall over.  When this happens site owners like me – Alex Roe  – can either call it a day or find a solution.

I found a solution –  a new server which should be able to handle lots more traffic without protesting.  And thanks to Derick of Synthesis, my web hosting service, moving, or ‘migrating’, as is said in the trade, Italy Chronicles to its new home has proved to be painless.

If you have had problems getting to Italy Chronicles recently, I apologize and thank you for your patience if you have persisted and returned to see what’s happening.

Warm regards to one and all,

Alex Roe

Italy Chronicles’ publisher and writer.

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