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Has Silvio Berlusconi Contracted an STD?

As you may have heard, Italy’s ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi attempted to have a couple of the court cases he is mixed up in delayed on medical grounds. Could he really be ill? Could Berlusconi have contracted an STD?

Mysteriously, one of the medical certificates presented by Berlusconi’s lawyers today remained confidential.

It did sound initially as if the eye problem was little more than a tactic designed to delay a court case so Italy’s statute of limitations cuts in and shuts down the case for good. This would leave the outcome up in the air and Berlusconi Scott free.

Now, the eye problem afflicting Silvio Berlusconi was initially reported by Italy’s press to be conjunctivitis – not exactly the most debilitating of illnesses as parents of young children will well know. However, seeing as Berlusconi ended up in hospital, a Berlusconi friendly one at that – further details of his eye problem have come to light.

Silvio Berlusconi is suffering from something known as bilateral uveitis.  This is apparently hard to diagnose, which may explain the initial claims that it was conjunctivitis.

One of the causes of bilateral uveitis and there are quite a few, just happens to be syphilis. Other sexually transmitted diseases can lead bilateral uveitis too. Bilateral uveitis can also be a secondary condition caused by a range of other illnesses, such as cancer. I’ve been told by one of my Twitter followers that over-use of makeup can lead to eye infections and Berlusconi, when out in public and on TV, wears more makeup than the average teenage girl. Maybe Berlusconi’s medical problems are simply a case of overdoing the make up?

Then again, Silvio does like the women, especially, it seems, those who work nights.

Super Latin Lover

Berlusconi has a reputation for being a super Latin lover, and he loves to boast about his sexual prowess. Indeed, he has claimed, albeit in an intercepted telephone call, that up to 11 girls lined up outside his bedroom door for a night of passion with him. The bunga bunga parties had been going on for some time, and there are similar stories of sordid parties taking place in Berlusconi’s Rome residence.

In view of his sexual antics, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Italy’s sexually hyperactive septuagenarian Lothario has contracted venereal disease or something similar. Others too worry about Silvio’s sexual health.

Bunga Bunga Girls Worried about Catching Something from Silvio

Some of the girls who attended Berlusconi’s now notorious bunga bunga parties were terrified of catching AIDs from Berlusconi. In an intercepted telephone conversation, one of the girls noted that there was some risk of catching something from a man who has slept with 80 or more women. To set their minds at rest, the girls who may have bunga bunga-ed with Berlusconi had AIDs tests. At least one of the girls tested negative.

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It is also known that Berlusconi, who claims to never have paid a woman for sex in his life, has spent time with prostitutes, otherwise known as escorts. If ever there was an obvious candidate for someone at risk of contracting an STD, that person is most probably Silvio Berlusconi.

Other Signs of Poor Health

There are some other signs that Berlusconi’s health may be failing. During one of his campaign speeches, he needed to sit down. A headache was to blame.

Some Italy’s watchers, myself included, have been wondering whether Berlusconi is ill. At times, he comes across as being incoherent, on other occasions his speech seems to be slurred and he has been looking very tired too. In its later stages, syphilis can cause neurological, or cardiac symptoms. Berlusconi’s doctor has mentioned his patient has heart problems.

Under Pressure

While illness, STDs or otherwise may be signs Berlusconi’s health is failing, the elderly politician is under an enormous amount of pressure. He’s fighting to keep his PdL party united as well as fighting quite a number of court cases. Charges of corruption are about to be pointed in his direction very soon too.

Adding to the pressure, Italy’s new 5 Star Movement politicians want to kick Berlusconi out of Italy’s parliament by applying an Italian law which could have kept Berlusconi out of politics from the very start of his political career back in the early 1990s.

He’s Reluctant to be Examined

Berlusconi and his loyal cronies are complaining of politically motivated judges who are working hard to kick him out of politics. The court appointed doctors who carried out a checkup on Berlusconi’s eye problem found it was not as serious as his own medics claimed were labeled by one Berlusconi crony as Nazis.

Today, though, Berlusconi’s health took a turn for the worse, or so his doctor says. The eye problem has led to heart problems and high blood pressure too – then there is that confidential medical certificate.

Nature Takes Out Silvio?

If though, and we may never know, it turns out that Berlusconi has syphilis or some other STD, it may be nature which takes him out of Italy’s political scene for good and not commie judges or Nazi doctors. In other words, the justice which might finally end Berlusconi’s political career would be rather poetic.

Speculation as to whether Berlusconi’s eye problem is related to an STD may grow. Berlusconi’s image managers will be doing all in their power to dissuade Italians from this line of thought as if it does turn out to be true, Berlusconi maybe history. Then again, for some Italians, he maybe regarded as a hero!

Let’s hope Berlusconi makes a full recovery so he can enjoy a happy and peaceful retirement very soon.

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