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Has Italy Banned Guns from Movie and TV Sets?

The news is floating around Italy that the government has has banned the use of firearms on television and film sets. Only there’s no such ban. Instead, there’s confusion over which firearms can or cannot be used on film and TV sets.

To avoid legal problems, some of Italy’s film and TV programme makers have decided to stop using firearms on sets on account of confusing legislation.

Nevertheless, Italy’s media has been reporting that guns have been banned stating that the ban came into effect on November 5th. Not surprisingly, reactions have been a mix of consternation and amazement. But there is no ban.

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The blog Bufale un Tanto a Chilo, after having examined the supposed ban in detail, ran an article which explains the supposed firearm ban situation in detail. Bufale un Tanto a Chilo also notes how journalists in Italy got hold of the wrong end of the stick, did not check facts, and then went to press with articles which are not accurate. An example of pseudo journalism, if ever there was one.

What has actually happened is that the wording of legislation has led to confusion over what needs to be done to comply with official requirements.

Film and TV series makers can continue to use firearms on set in Italy but they will need to check that the firearms used conform to regulations. Admittedly, this is not going to be easy, because what needs to be done to comply is completely unclear. In the circumstances, a self-imposed ban is probably wise.

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