Guess Where in Italy? – Part 8

Here’s another one in Blog from Italy’s Guess Where in Italy? series.

As you will see from the photograph, it’s one colourful place this week.  Might resurrect a few happy holiday memories, which is no bad thing seeing as winter is fast approaching.

It sure is one pretty place too.

Can you guess where it is in Italy, and the name of the town shown?  Italians can feel free to have a go too – as long as they are not from the area!  But – I’d like to see how well non-Italian know the delights Italy has to offer, so, if my Italian readers can restrain themselves – many thanks.

Read on for the postcard photo.  And the answer.

Can You Guess Where this Glorious Seaside Town Can Be Found in Italy?

Can you Guess the Location and the Name of the Town in Italy?
Can you Guess the Location and the Name of the Town in Italy? - It's Procida.

As reader Kris rightly guessed, this is a photograph of the Island of Procida.  Procida sites between the Italian mainland and Ischia, and both islands sit off the coast of Naples in southern Italy.

The photograph above was taken by JJKDC and more examples of JJKDC’s work, which include lots of photos of Italy, can be found here: JJKDC on Flickr.

There was no prize – as this was just for fun.

I have to say that I would not mind living in this place at all.

Well done Kris, and here’s to next year’s summer!  Cheers.

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